Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding Human.School conference registration and attendance. If your question is not answered below, please contact and we will gladly answer it!

How do I register for the conference?

You’ll register for the conference by following the ImpactFlow registration embed on the Home page, or going directly to ImpactFlow.

Where can I find a schedule of events?

You can find the program schedule on the Home page.

Who can attend the conference?

Anyone! Human.School is specifically designed for people operations professionals who are seeking foundational knowledge and experience in human-centered HR. However, we welcome anyone from any discipline as long as you come prepared to add to the workshops and experience. Human.School does not discriminate, and is open to men, women, and non-binary people!

What is the fee for registration?

Early Bird tickets are $650 and Regular price tickets are $795 (Regular price tickets go on sale September 15, 2017.)

What is included in the cost of registration? Are meals provided?

Included in the cost of a Human.School ticket is the conference itself, including the pre-conference, swag, dinner on Feb. 26, all meals on Feb. 27, and breakfast and lunch on Feb. 28. Registration does not include the cost of hotel stays and travel.

What are the registration deadlines and cancellation policies?

Early bird registration closes at midnight, Sept. 15, 2017 and regular registration closes at the end of January 2018. Tickets are nonrefundable. Tickets are transferrable up until 30 days prior to the conference with approval from the conference administrator. Tickets may be transferred to anyone, with approval, under the following circumstances and within the allotted time period: 1) Ticket holder is no longer able to attend due to personal or work-related circumstances, 2) Ticket holder no longer wishes to attend. Transfer requests must be made in writing via email to

What are the Human.School guidelines for professional behavior/is there a Code of Conduct?

There is a Code of Conduct! All speakers, sponsors, and attendees are required to uphold and abide by our Code of Conduct. It is incredibly important to us that all attendees feel safe, welcome, and valued, and that they are able to make the contribution they desire. All attendees should feel welcome to participate as much or as little as they see fit.

I am a speaker at the conference. Do I receive a free registration?

Yes! All speakers receive full conference tickets.

When should I plan to arrive in Portland? When should I leave?

If you would like to attend the Pre-Conference, you should plan to arrive in Portland by about 2pm on Monday, Feb. 26th. If you would like to come for the main conference only, please plan on arriving no later than 8am on Tuesday, Feb. 27th. The conference ends at about 5:20pm on Wednesday, Feb. 28th.

How do I book my hotel room?

You can book your hotel room through the Mark Spencer directly by mentioning that you are coming for the Human.School conference. Their number is (503) 224-3293. You may also book online and use the special code “humanschool”.

Where can I find travel and transportation information?

If you are flying into Portland, we highly recommend using the Trimet Max train to come downtown. For a 2 hour ticket ($2.50) you’ll be able to take the Red or Blue Max to the Galleria/SW 10th stop. It’s a short four block walk to the Mark Spencer from there!

What is the weather like in Portland in February?

In most years, Portland averages a daily maximum temperature for February that's between 49 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit (9 to 12 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 34 and 39 °F (1 to 4 °C). The days at Portland warm steadily during February. You’ll be inside at the Mark Spencer most of the time, with easy access to your room.

When will I receive a printed program?

You’ll receive a printed program along with your conference swag when you arrive on Day 1 (Tuesday, Feb. 27) but you’ll also get a special gift when you check in at the Mark Spencer!

Are there exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! Human.School hand selects sponsors as partners based on their commitment to human-centered people operations. You can find out about sponsorship opportunities here.

I'm registered for the conference. What do I do now?

Hang tight! You’ll be getting lots of check-in’s and goodies from us before the conference. We recommend that you book your hotel room for the best rate (we only blocked a certain number of rooms!) and take a look at places you might want to visit in the evenings in downtown Portland.